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Concerned Residents Unite To Save Our Neighborhood

The State of Georgia, Cherokee County Commissioners recently voted on March 17, 2020 to shut down only part of Union Hill Road to large truck traffic, thereby diverting them all to turn onto Arbor Hill Road, which will only increase the existing problem with big trucks traveling on Arbor Hill Road. 

Many residents that live on these roads have blind driveways and are taking chances every time they have to pull out onto these roads, especially with the speeds these large trucks are traveling. There are several large subdivisions located on Arbor Hill Road which includes Woodmont and Orange Shoals. Plus, there are two very large schools just off Arbor Hill Road which adds to our safety concerns.  This large truck ordinance would block only the very large and heavy trucks using these roads as a shortcut and would still allow all farmers, etc. to get their deliveries. Between the large soda & beer carrying trucks, large garbage trucks hauling to the Waste Management facility on East Cherokee (many are not local), construction trucks, etc. they are tearing up our residential roads and putting many of our loved ones lives in jeopardy. 


What's A Life Worth?


Our Safety Should Always Come First!

  Since the Commissioners voted “No” on the large truck ordinance we wanted for this community, they essentially voted “Yes” on making these roads an acceptable large truck route. What's worse is that they know and acknowledge these roads were not designed to be such. These large trucks put the lives of our community residents at risk daily. It’s just plain irresponsible of them to do this!


Commissioners Are Knowingly Putting Our Families' Lives At Risk!

 Union Hill and Arbor Hill Roads are obvious residential roads with many twists and turns and blind hills and driveways, etc.  In the summer there are joggers, and bicyclers, etc. on them. Traffic is only increasing and the large trucks are too since they closed down access for them on East Cherokee Drive. We need the large truck traffic ordinance put in place for us ASAP!


Isn't Protecting His/Her Life Worth It?

We realize that this ordinance will not stop all of the large trucks, but it would serve as a big deterrent. For example, if we have ten large trucks a day now traveling these roads and this ordinance cuts the large truck traffic in half, that’s a 50% better chance a loved one won’t get killed by one. Honestly, we just don’t understand their votes against this. If the road is not made for big trucks in the first place and residents are complaining and concerned about their safety, then shouldn’t the Commissioner's side with the residents over a short cut for a large truck driver being inconvenienced for having to travel a few extra miles ?  We ask them, how many inconvenient miles are worth a life? 

Take Action! Contact Your Commissioners

Here is the telephone number and link for the Cherokee County Georgia Commissioners

Main Telephone for All Commissioners:  678-493-6000

Steve West - Commissioner, District One

Steve West's District 1 is over the Arbor Hill Road area. 

Ray Gunnin - Commissioner, District Two

Ray Gunnin's District 2 is over the Union Hill Road area.

Harry Johnston - Commission Chairman

Harry Johnston is the Chairman

In Their Words...

Listen and Watch The Actual Meeting Vote

Using the link provided below, please refer to the meeting video titled “March 17th, 2020 - Regular Meeting” that was broadcasted on 3/17/20 5:57pm - 8:24pm. 

(The vote discussion begins around the 1 hour and 44 minute mark of the posted video)